Friday, July 8, 2011

Elizabeth did not tell anyone of her pregnancy until she was 5 months pregnant with John. Until her pregnancy was inarguably evident.

The implication is that John's exposure to the careless speech of others could have affected what God wanted to do.

The five months seclusion for Elizabeth was probably sufficient for her to become strong enough in her own faith to withstand the 'well-meaning curses' that people would probably make.

Being hidden away gave her time to settle into her call and learn how to be unaffected by the careless concern of others.
Only with faith & confidence regarding her own call could she become strong enough to steward the anointing on her correctly.

My Reflections
It's so true. Most people would have many things to say, whether encouragement or well-meaning curses.. Words do affect our decisions, cast doubts into what God says. Being hidden away, to seek God's face and call would enable us to be secured and not be wavered by the words of others.

Even in this time, as I prepare to leave the ministry, an income, and stepping into an unknown.. Being sure of what God calls is so important. Because there are people who give well-meaning questions such as "Where are you going to have the finances?", "You need to think long term to plan for a family".. These do cast doubts onto me and make me wonder if I've made the right decision or am I silly to give up income, have no money, etc..

Let faith and confidence arise.
I have no lack in His Kingdom.