Friday, July 8, 2011

Elizabeth did not tell anyone of her pregnancy until she was 5 months pregnant with John. Until her pregnancy was inarguably evident.

The implication is that John's exposure to the careless speech of others could have affected what God wanted to do.

The five months seclusion for Elizabeth was probably sufficient for her to become strong enough in her own faith to withstand the 'well-meaning curses' that people would probably make.

Being hidden away gave her time to settle into her call and learn how to be unaffected by the careless concern of others.
Only with faith & confidence regarding her own call could she become strong enough to steward the anointing on her correctly.

My Reflections
It's so true. Most people would have many things to say, whether encouragement or well-meaning curses.. Words do affect our decisions, cast doubts into what God says. Being hidden away, to seek God's face and call would enable us to be secured and not be wavered by the words of others.

Even in this time, as I prepare to leave the ministry, an income, and stepping into an unknown.. Being sure of what God calls is so important. Because there are people who give well-meaning questions such as "Where are you going to have the finances?", "You need to think long term to plan for a family".. These do cast doubts onto me and make me wonder if I've made the right decision or am I silly to give up income, have no money, etc..

Let faith and confidence arise.
I have no lack in His Kingdom.

Friday, June 3, 2011

God's Favor? ... Yes!

I was thinking and reflecting on the life of Abraham, Joseph and Moses. The three of them received their calling and promise from God. Abraham being Father of many nations, Joseph knows that he will be a ruler, Moses knows that he wants to deliver the Israelites.

Though they knew their calling or have a desire to do something, it wasn't fulfilled straightaway, the moment they wanted to.

Abraham - He was called the 'Father of many nations'. Everywhere he went, people will be called "Father of many nations"... But where are your children? Abraham & Sarah were barren till 90 years old. What a contradiction? What an irony? That he was called "Father of many nations", but no children... He must have felt "well, it's just a name, I would be childless till the end, but yet, he endured the name. And in due time, God showed him the land he will be going and the child that he would be having. He knew his calling, which was to be 'Father of many nations', it wasn't fulfilled until a later time, and it was Fulfilled.

Joseph - He dreamt that he was to be a ruler. But he was being sold away by his brothers, his family. Locked in prison because of a woman who cried 'rape' which he did not commit. Thought he would be able to get out, but he was forgotten. Finally, he was remembered and helped to interpret the Pharaoh' dream. It was not until a few years later, that he managed to see his dream, vision fulfilled. How he must have felt in those years locked away - if God had called me to be a ruler, why am I locked away here?

Moses - He wants the freedom and unity of the Israelites. But because he killed an Egyptian, the Pharaoh wants his life and he went into hiding for 40 years as a shepherd. In this 40 years, he must have felt that "I would be a shepherd all the days of my life, the Israelites can free themselves. But I do want to see their freedom." God finally appeared to him and led him to bring the people out of slavery.

These three heroes, they knew their purpose, but it was not accomplished till years later. There was a time of preparation, moulding, God-seeking moments, God-wrestling moments, "Are you there, God?", "Did I hear correctly?"...

People around them must have mocked at them, wondered if they are out of their mind, thinking why are they so committed to their calling when nothing seemed to be happening.

I think it must have been difficult times, trying times, to trust in the Lord, because "He said so, I will believe".

I guess I can understand a fragment of it?

We know His plans, His purpose, His promises. But why are we not seeing them fulfilled now? Why do we look like a loser at the losing end? Why aren't things turning out good for us? When are the promises to be fulfilled?

Though we long to tell of the victorious stories of how God came through for us, we have to endure through the painful times, and not give up until the end.

The only way, is to hold on to the purpose and call of the Lord and walk in His will, in obedience to Him. There is no other way.

All three of them did not give up their call, even when they "forgot" or had laid it aside, the moment the Lord calls, the moment He gave the opportunity, they took it and go. Of course, they had doubts like Moses, but he still went because "The Lord said so." And because they trusted in the Lord's word and walked in obedience to Him, they saw their destiny fulfilled in the Lord.

People may mock, they may question, they may think you are at the losing end. But hold on to what the Lord said. Trust in Him, walk in obedience. He is faithful and will fulfill what He promised.
"A Family who worship together with reckless abandon, using all their assets for the glory of God." taken from Face to Face with God, Bill Johnson

This is what the devil hates and wants to bring Christians away from.

This is what God intended us to be.

When a husband and wife are Christian and walk in the fullness and obedience of Him, they produce a generation of godly offspring.

Reckless abandon, using all their assets for the glory of God...

Reckless abandon.... using all their assets....
It really speaks of surrender, yieldedness, walk by faith, not by sight, trust, give it all, give it all and not even sure if you get anything back, emptiness, give all you have, brokenness, your will be done...

I feel like I am "one foot in, one foot out". 

That is really what I want. But often times, fear creeps in. Doubt creeps in. Fear of rejection, fear of being questioned, fear of failure creeps in.

And yet, I believe that is what God intended and I want to walk in it. But I also allowed the devil a foothold into my fears, my doubts..

Lord Jesus, help me to walk by faith and not by sight, help me to trust You and surrender my all to You. Not just the easy things, but the difficult things, Everything. I want to build a family that worships You and surrender our lives to you with all that we have, and all that we are. Let your will be done. Though at times, it may be uncertain, it may be painful, but we know as long as You are with us in the boat, we have nothing to fear. This is my prayer.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Square 1 Camp

Will be heading off for a camp in 6 hours' time.

At the beginning when I return back to PLMC, I knew I wanted to be going for the camp.

Not sure why, but I just committed myself to be going.

Until now, I'm still not sure why. Guess I'll play a supportive role in helping out wherever I can like AV.. =)

I'll be sharing on the girls' talk session. More on our identity as woman. I'm not someone who can pull off things to say very well. And I'm less than 30% prepared.

Hmm. But by some divine memory jolt, I took out 2 books from my mini library which helped me alot. "Captivating" by Stasi Eldredge & "Why not women?" by Loren Cunningham & David Joel Hamilton

Good books!

May I be able to finish my preparation.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The day the monkeys snatched my mushroom pie

I decided to take a stroll at MacRitchie and spend some quiet time there.

I was hungry when I reached so I decided to buy a Chicken & Mushroom Pie from the cafe.

As I walked and ate innocently, minding my own business, looking at the scenery, I felt there was somebody tailing me. As I turned to the left, I did not see anyone. The next thing I knew, something snatched my pie away! As I looked, it was a MONKEY!! Not just one there, but FIVE!

I let out a soft screech and stood stunned at what just happened.

There was no way I could snatch it back because the monkey had already thrown the pie on the floor and ravaged the paper bag.

As the rest of the monkeys joined and tried to eat, there was none. I was into the last bite before the monkey snatched it.

As I drew out my camera, my hands were shivering from the shock.

But because of this incident, I could snap some shots.

Never crossed my mind that there would be monkeys and you shouldn't eat while walking.

Lesson learnt: Eat at the designated place

Saturday, November 20, 2010

off to Thailand

In less than 12 hours', I'll be on the plane to Thailand and meet dear Mr Tee.

Not just me, but my mum & bro too!

This journey was interrupted by a re-time to an earlier flight, which clashed with my first flight from SG-BKK. Called up SG Airasia to re-time the flight and gave a wrong booking number. Called the next day and finally I managed to change it. But I had to pay $200+!! No way, I'm going to pay. Even if it was Airasia's fault to re-time, customers have to pay the penalty for another flight change as they are not responsible for any change in schedules.

Well, the good thing was that the night before when I gave my booking number wrongly, the customer service officer said I do not have to pay. So, I insisted. And I managed to get away with not paying extra for the change!

Looks like a good trip ahead. All of us are almost packed and ready.

And finally, I get to spend more than a day in Bangkok to do some real shopping there.