Friday, June 3, 2011

God's Favor? ... Yes!

I was thinking and reflecting on the life of Abraham, Joseph and Moses. The three of them received their calling and promise from God. Abraham being Father of many nations, Joseph knows that he will be a ruler, Moses knows that he wants to deliver the Israelites.

Though they knew their calling or have a desire to do something, it wasn't fulfilled straightaway, the moment they wanted to.

Abraham - He was called the 'Father of many nations'. Everywhere he went, people will be called "Father of many nations"... But where are your children? Abraham & Sarah were barren till 90 years old. What a contradiction? What an irony? That he was called "Father of many nations", but no children... He must have felt "well, it's just a name, I would be childless till the end, but yet, he endured the name. And in due time, God showed him the land he will be going and the child that he would be having. He knew his calling, which was to be 'Father of many nations', it wasn't fulfilled until a later time, and it was Fulfilled.

Joseph - He dreamt that he was to be a ruler. But he was being sold away by his brothers, his family. Locked in prison because of a woman who cried 'rape' which he did not commit. Thought he would be able to get out, but he was forgotten. Finally, he was remembered and helped to interpret the Pharaoh' dream. It was not until a few years later, that he managed to see his dream, vision fulfilled. How he must have felt in those years locked away - if God had called me to be a ruler, why am I locked away here?

Moses - He wants the freedom and unity of the Israelites. But because he killed an Egyptian, the Pharaoh wants his life and he went into hiding for 40 years as a shepherd. In this 40 years, he must have felt that "I would be a shepherd all the days of my life, the Israelites can free themselves. But I do want to see their freedom." God finally appeared to him and led him to bring the people out of slavery.

These three heroes, they knew their purpose, but it was not accomplished till years later. There was a time of preparation, moulding, God-seeking moments, God-wrestling moments, "Are you there, God?", "Did I hear correctly?"...

People around them must have mocked at them, wondered if they are out of their mind, thinking why are they so committed to their calling when nothing seemed to be happening.

I think it must have been difficult times, trying times, to trust in the Lord, because "He said so, I will believe".

I guess I can understand a fragment of it?

We know His plans, His purpose, His promises. But why are we not seeing them fulfilled now? Why do we look like a loser at the losing end? Why aren't things turning out good for us? When are the promises to be fulfilled?

Though we long to tell of the victorious stories of how God came through for us, we have to endure through the painful times, and not give up until the end.

The only way, is to hold on to the purpose and call of the Lord and walk in His will, in obedience to Him. There is no other way.

All three of them did not give up their call, even when they "forgot" or had laid it aside, the moment the Lord calls, the moment He gave the opportunity, they took it and go. Of course, they had doubts like Moses, but he still went because "The Lord said so." And because they trusted in the Lord's word and walked in obedience to Him, they saw their destiny fulfilled in the Lord.

People may mock, they may question, they may think you are at the losing end. But hold on to what the Lord said. Trust in Him, walk in obedience. He is faithful and will fulfill what He promised.

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