Friday, June 3, 2011

"A Family who worship together with reckless abandon, using all their assets for the glory of God." taken from Face to Face with God, Bill Johnson

This is what the devil hates and wants to bring Christians away from.

This is what God intended us to be.

When a husband and wife are Christian and walk in the fullness and obedience of Him, they produce a generation of godly offspring.

Reckless abandon, using all their assets for the glory of God...

Reckless abandon.... using all their assets....
It really speaks of surrender, yieldedness, walk by faith, not by sight, trust, give it all, give it all and not even sure if you get anything back, emptiness, give all you have, brokenness, your will be done...

I feel like I am "one foot in, one foot out". 

That is really what I want. But often times, fear creeps in. Doubt creeps in. Fear of rejection, fear of being questioned, fear of failure creeps in.

And yet, I believe that is what God intended and I want to walk in it. But I also allowed the devil a foothold into my fears, my doubts..

Lord Jesus, help me to walk by faith and not by sight, help me to trust You and surrender my all to You. Not just the easy things, but the difficult things, Everything. I want to build a family that worships You and surrender our lives to you with all that we have, and all that we are. Let your will be done. Though at times, it may be uncertain, it may be painful, but we know as long as You are with us in the boat, we have nothing to fear. This is my prayer.

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