Friday, December 10, 2010

The day the monkeys snatched my mushroom pie

I decided to take a stroll at MacRitchie and spend some quiet time there.

I was hungry when I reached so I decided to buy a Chicken & Mushroom Pie from the cafe.

As I walked and ate innocently, minding my own business, looking at the scenery, I felt there was somebody tailing me. As I turned to the left, I did not see anyone. The next thing I knew, something snatched my pie away! As I looked, it was a MONKEY!! Not just one there, but FIVE!

I let out a soft screech and stood stunned at what just happened.

There was no way I could snatch it back because the monkey had already thrown the pie on the floor and ravaged the paper bag.

As the rest of the monkeys joined and tried to eat, there was none. I was into the last bite before the monkey snatched it.

As I drew out my camera, my hands were shivering from the shock.

But because of this incident, I could snap some shots.

Never crossed my mind that there would be monkeys and you shouldn't eat while walking.

Lesson learnt: Eat at the designated place

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