Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Star Munchkins

I learnt how to play Munchkins today at the PLMC Youth Lounge.

I've seen the normal Munchkins before, but thought it was a difficult game.

It still is a difficult game. But I had some fun.

The characters are cute and lots of interesting descriptions to tell you how you can win/lose the game.

Basically, you have to level up your character and depending on the situation of the card, you either get a booby trap or fight monster or level up.

The 'outreach-minded-sort-of' me thought it would be a great game for people who wants to learn English, because of the many English description on each card. But there are certain words that are concocted up, so it might, then, not be too suitable for English beginners. However, someone can explain the words. But, the game will surely end by the end of the next day. =p

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